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Flash Fiction: Ultimatum

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Written By: Constance Funches


“I can’t,” she breathed. The shallow air buried within her lungs felt as though it were fighting desperately to escape. Her back forcefully osculated the frigid cement wall. Her fingernails clawed at the infrangible stone, desperately searching for a fracture in its hardened condition. Her vision had begun to wither into a sea of salted droplets, vigorously thrusting to escape her eyelids. Her mind was depleted and her heart…imprisoned.

“It wasn’t a request,” he muttered dispassionately. He lightly stroked his lips against the melancholic streams plummeting steadily, down her face. He gingerly hoisted her chin until her eyes interlocked with his. Her vulnerability only solidified his incurable infatuation. His gaze captivated her for what seemed like an eternity. She shut her eyes and prayed to wake from this contorted purgatory, but the finger softly profiling her lips, reaffirmed her defeat.

“I’m gonna kill you,” she hissed through her clenched teeth.

“You need me, Adira,” he murmured through a sedated like grin.

“Let me go Marcellus,” Adira replied. The venom in Adira’s tone sent a modest chill across Marcellus’s skin. Her rebellion intensified his salacious smirk.

“You’re not a hostage Adira. If you want to leave, you know where to find the door,” he stated simply. He snatched himself away from her and walked over to the nearest window. The absence of his presence permitted her to exhale and regain her normal breathing pattern. She despised the fact that every time he came close to her, she was propelled outside of her customary behavior.

“Will he—did you—is he still alive?” she questioned fervently. Adira unsuccessfully sought to conceal the desperation in her voice. She examined Marcellus, who stared intently through the noise cancelling glass, silent and unyielding.

“Damn it Marcel, answer me! I need—”

“Say it,” Marcellus quipped.

“Just—” Adira started. Marcellus retreated from the window and face her. The tantalizing distance between them, amplified the apprehension floating in the atmosphere.

“Adira…” he whispered gazing enticingly in her eyes.

“I’d rather die,” she quietly replied.

Marcellus sauntered toward the double doors of the suite’s entrance. Adira sprinted in front of him, obstructing his path.

“Fine! Fine. I’ll do whatever you want, just leave him alone. Please Marcel, leave him alone,” she pleaded as she frantically fought another emotional collapse. He placed his rugged hands mercifully on her cheeks, massaging her flushed supple skin with his thumbs. Marcellus gradually descended his hand to her neck, then upward into the back of her loose hair bun. He compressed the grip he had on her hair and yanked it backward, asserting his dominance over her.

“Tell me you need me,” he declared.

“I—I—need you,” she quietly wept.

“Do you want me?” Marcellus questioned.

“Yes,” Adira cried.

“Tell me,” he replied.

“I want you, Marcellus,” she sobbed. His lips tenderly lowered to her left earlobe.

“Louder,” he whispered to her.

“I want you Marcel!” she screamed. Adira had nothing left. She was weak and exposed. Her soul felt like it had been stripped naked. It was in that moment, she finally admitted to herself…he had won. After he slid a lust ridden tongue down he throat, Marcellus released Adira and watched her quivering body drop to its knees in agony. Fighting a mischievous grin, Marcellus, silently celebrated his victory as he walked out the door locking it behind him.

“I’m sorry James,” Adira whispered. She placed her head lightly on the battered hardwood floor, and surrendered to the secluded quietude submerging in her new damnation.

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