Retail Fashion Saved By Robots: Softwear Automation’s New Sewbots Are Changing Retail Manufacturing

On the brink of extinction, fashion retail’s prayers are finally being answered. Palaniswamy “Raj” Rajan, chairman and CEO of Softwear Automation is spearheading fashion’s retail saving grace with it’s patented “Sewbot.” The Sewbot is a sewing robot that was created to expedite fashion manufacturing, hoping to connect the right product, with the right consumer, at the right time.

Rajan tells Forbes, “The fundamental problem in the fashion retail industry today is the wrong product at the wrong time and an oversupply of it…through our technology, we are enabling a local supply chain.”

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Although the company started small by producing items such as bath towels and bath mats, Sewbot machines are currently capable of producing: sneakers, t-shirts, pillows, and automotive mats as well. Softwear’s manufacturing designs have already sparked the interests of other global companies and are hoping to more will join the fold.

A China-based company called “Tianyuan Garments Company” has purchased enough Sewbots for their new Arkansas factory to create “1.2 million t-shirts” annually for Adidas. The cost of Sewbot in-house production in America is about the same in cost as “offshore production” without the “transportation time and expenses,” making this a financially sound investment for major fashion companies.

Rajan express that there will still be items that “must be made by hand,” based on item value, clothing basics with an emphasis on customized fit is the ideal initial target.

Twice the work, in half the time, with reduced cost, definitely sounds like a win for the fashion industry and consumers everywhere. For the inside scoop on Sewbots, check out the company’s website at

Photo: Palaniswamy “Raj” Rajan, Chairman and CEO of Softwear Automation, Courtesy of Softwear Automation.

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